VIRTUAL Rave to the Grave | LEAF, Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund

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Join us for this year’s...

VIRTUAL Rave to the Grave | LEAF, Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund

This year's lineup features Arthur Lee Land, Caroline Hunter, Casey Russell, Charlie Rose, Daniel Rodriguez, Danny Shafer, Darren Garvey, Dechen Hawk, Jon McCartan, Joy Adams, Lily Fangz, Salasee, Tyler Adams, Will Trask & Zach Jackson.

We encourage you to grab your crew and enjoy the fun with friends by having watch parties. There will also be local watch parties in Lyons at Pizza Bar 66 and The Empty Lot at 446 Main. Please remember that all donations benefit LEAF and everything helps.

STREAM the dance party from home, or join us at a Watch Party around town! Locations & More info TBA. Please help your Lyons neighbors and donate below.

The story behind our annual event ➡️ Once Upon A Time, about seven years ago, Lyons Colorado was the epicenter of a 1000-year flood that devastated our small community of 2000 residents. And now, once again, we find ourselves decimated by the confluence of Covid-19 and the shutdown of the gig/hospitality economy. No festivals…no weddings…the heartbeat of Lyons laid to rest during the Great Pause of 2020, with the community in much greater need of assistance than ever before. Lyons, Colorado is only a small part of the whole picture, yet it starts at the community level. And despite the mounting obstacles, we still want to try to make what magic we can. Until we can meet again, on the hallowed grounds of Planet Bluegrass, our mission is to co-create the magic on a more intimate level in a new studio environment. So, with the rapidly changing circumstances and the creativity of the human spirit, we are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to meet the increasing needs of our community. 100% of Donations Go To LEAF Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund.

Watch the embedded video above or at this streaming link: