Music Lessons

Music Lessons with Dechen Hawk

“To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on that path requires courage. The bridge that merges the two is commitment.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Music lessons with me will focus on musicianship as a whole, using technique, theory, and composition as the building blocks. I draw on 24 years experience composing, performing, and recording music, a degree in music from Naropa University, and my experience as a professor at Naropa University. I work with my students to understand their individual goals so we can best meet them together. Whether you are a beginner or at the intermediate to intermediate/advanced level, lessons are designed to meet your needs in a realistic and fun way.

The lessons will include technique instruction and practical application on your instrument of choice (piano, guitar, and/or voice). Beginner technique will include foundational skills such as getting familiar with your instrument, proper hand placement, and basic chords and scales. Instruction for more intermediate to intermediate/advanced can choose to work on chordal voicing, embellishment, lead or soloing, improvisation, and other key skill-building components. We will use your instrument as a reference point to explore theory and composition appropriate to your skill level and personal goals.

We will use music theory and composition to help you better understand a song you are learning, and/or to create or embellish your own musical composition. Teachings on theory include basics such as learning what key you are in and the scales and chords related to it -or- more in-depth teachings on modes and modal movement, harmony, rhythm, reading and writing music, and ear training. Students working on composition can choose from arranging, melody writing, chord structures and progressions, song form, and recording and studio application as a part of their lessons.

The lessons are structured to empower you to grow in your technique, explore your creativity, and to learn or create musical compositions that represent your unique offering to the world.

In order to develop your skills and expand your musicianship as a whole, students commit to one lesson per week while exploring their musicality. Lessons will be held in S. Boulder at IntroVertigo Recording, with the option for in-home or online lessons.