Join us for a night with some of Boulder’s top songwriters.

Enjoy a crafted cocktail while Thom LaFond, Dechen Hawk, and Paul Kimbiris grace the stage and fill the room with tunes and lyrics to move you, body and soul.

Dechen Hawk: Like Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley thrown in a blender, Indie Soul Balladeer Dechen Hawk creates music that ranges from beautiful ballads to gritty throwback funk and soul.

Thom LaFond: Delivers pure, unbridled emotion, backed with lush and curious arrangements. Fans of Tom Waits, Andrew Bird, & Elliott Smith will appreciate the sonic and lyrical worlds Thom creates.

Paul Kimbris: Armed with a guitar and a collection of intricately crafted, heart-felt words, Kimbiris sets a mood of intrinsic reflection, with soft melodies, well placed harmonies, and a deep and alluring voice to drive the course.