Like Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley thrown in a blender.” - Bryan Beller

— Dethklok


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I Want You Around

Dechen Hawk

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I Want You Around

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A percentage of all proceeds goes to support the NAACP. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

The new single, I Want You Around, is available on all platforms!

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I Want You Around is an upbeat, uplifting Indie Soul love song. Dechen Hawk takes an introspective look at love, life, and longing, drawing on the Buddhist principles of meditation, being present, and letting go. Hawk invites us to go inward to connect with our feelings using natural elements as metaphor for relationship .

I Want You Around - Written, Arranged, & Produced by Dechen Hawk

Dechen Hawk - Lead & Backing Vocals, Organ, Rhythm Guitar Britney Jane - Backing Vocals Jesse Hunter - Electric Guitar Soundscapes Kirwan Brown - Electric Bass Derek Weiman - Lead Guitar Solo Eric Imbrosciano - Drum Kit Scott Mast - Percussion Zach Lucas - Saxophones/Horn Arrangement Tom & Sam from the band the Alcapones - Trumpet/Trombone Jay Elliot - Mixing/Production G&J Audio - Mastering

Recorded at IntroVertigo Recording

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VIRTUAL Rave to the Grave | LEAF, Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund

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Online Event

Join us for this year’s...

VIRTUAL Rave to the Grave | LEAF, Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund

This year's lineup features Arthur Lee Land, Caroline Hunter, Casey Russell, Charlie Rose, Daniel Rodriguez, Danny Shafer, Darren Garvey, Dechen Hawk, Jon McCartan, Joy Adams, Lily Fangz, Salasee, Tyler Adams, Will Trask & Zach Jackson.

We encourage you to grab your crew and enjoy the fun with friends by having watch parties. There will also be local watch parties in Lyons at Pizza Bar 66 and The Empty Lot at 446 Main. Please remember that all donations benefit LEAF and everything helps.

STREAM the dance party from home, or join us at a Watch Party around town! Locations & More info TBA. Please help your Lyons neighbors and donate below.

The story behind our annual event ➡️ Once Upon A Time, about seven years ago, Lyons Colorado was the epicenter of a 1000-year flood that devastated our small community of 2000 residents. And now, once again, we find ourselves decimated by the confluence of Covid-19 and the shutdown of the gig/hospitality economy. No festivals…no weddings…the heartbeat of Lyons laid to rest during the Great Pause of 2020, with the community in much greater need of assistance than ever before. Lyons, Colorado is only a small part of the whole picture, yet it starts at the community level. And despite the mounting obstacles, we still want to try to make what magic we can. Until we can meet again, on the hallowed grounds of Planet Bluegrass, our mission is to co-create the magic on a more intimate level in a new studio environment. So, with the rapidly changing circumstances and the creativity of the human spirit, we are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to meet the increasing needs of our community. 100% of Donations Go To LEAF Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund.

Watch the embedded video above or at this streaming link:



Dechen Hawk Duo - Live Streaming from the Jamestown Mercantile

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Online Event

Join us for a live streaming show from the beautiful Jamestown Mercantile! I'm so excited to get to share my music with you all. Tune in at 6:30 pm MST Friday night 10/16. Click this Zoom link to join the show: We know that times have been challenging for many so this show will be free for those who can't afford to pay a cover and we ask for donations from those who can. For many of us in the music industry, this has been a time of hardship as we work to find new ways to share our music with the world. Your donations are much appreciated. Thank you for being a patron of the arts. Your support is invaluable.

CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19: WaveLair Wednesdays presents Dechen Hawk Band - Live Stream

Online Event

Dechen Hawk Band - Live Streaming Concert

Online Event!

When: Tune in Wednesday, July 15th at 7 pm MST

Where: Go to The band and I will be streaming live from the WaveLair broadcasting and recording studio.


Cover: Virtual Tip Jar


PayPal: www.PayPal.Me/dechenhawk

VIDEO PREMIER - Dechen Hawk Live at the 2020 Virtual Boulder Creek Festival

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I am excited to offer you 'Dechen Hawk Live at the 2020 Virtual Boulder Creek Festival'!

The video will premiere tonight at 7 pm MST. RSVP by clicking 'Set Reminder' on the video below.

BAZAAR TIMES: A Virtual Boulder Creek Festival

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Boulder Creek Festival® is still scheduled for later this summer, but we didn't want to miss an opportunity to support the artists who would usually showcase live Memorial Day weekend!

Join us for a 4-day Virtual & Interactive shopping experience presented by the City of Boulder featuring live music (I'll be kicking things off right, performing around 4:30pm), interactive vendor booths, giveaways and more!

Interactive Hours: Friday 4pm-8pm Saturday 10am-2pm Shopping open Friday through Monday

This is more than a marketplace, it's an event! Visit the website during our interactive hours to chat LIVE with vendors in their virtual booths.


Dechen Hawk


Dechen Hawk creates music that ranges from beautiful ballads to gritty throwback funk and soul. He believes conscious music has the power to heal and transform humanity for the better.

“Like Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley thrown in a blender,” Dechen writes, records, and performs Indie Soul music. He imbues his songs with the Buddhist teachings of love, respect and expanding consciousness that he was raised with.

Though musical his whole life, it wasn’t until the death of his father when he was 14, and the search for a way to express that loss, that Hawk found his calling as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 

His desire to create and express the joy and fragility of life has kept him busy for the past 24 years performing locally and internationally. He has a wealth of unrecorded songs and plans to continue writing, recording and performing for the rest of his life.

His work creates community by bringing people together from all walks of life to do something they all have in common and enjoy. He wants to change people’s hearts, minds and actions, and commits to expanding in love, abundance, and success every day in such a way that others are inspired to do the same.


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Proud Member of COMMOM

Proud Member of COMMOM

Proud Member of the NAACP

Proud Member of the NAACP

Thank you for being a patron of the arts. Your support is invaluable.

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