Are you a songwriter, a performing artist, and you just feel like you haven't been able to express yourself fully? Do you feel frustrated because whenever you sit down to write a song, it's only so good, but you know, and you can sense that it could be even more potent and ascend to an entirely different level? Have you’ve reached a certain level of success, but haven’t been able to break the threshold? If you said yes to any of those questions, you need an outside perspective from somebody who’s consistently committed to that perspective. I work with my mentees to find what’s holding them back, where the holes are, where it is they want to go with their songwriting but can’t because they don’t have the skillset, and empower them to move through those blockages with confidence so that they can thrive and meet their goals. So, If you’re an artist if you’re somebody who makes music and you want to bring it to the world, but for some reason haven’t been able to do it in the way or at the level you know you’re capable of, we need to talk. 

Hi, I’m Dechen. I’m a lifelong musician and Buddhist. I’ve been making a living in the music industry for over 20 years as an entertainer, vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. I’ve written hundreds of songs and recorded a bunch of albums. I’ve played major venues and festivals and shared the stage with top acts. I’ve studied and taught music at the university level. And I’m also a master teacher and mentor, uniquely positioned to offer insight due to my extensive mindfulness training and meditation practice. 

And the one thing that I've learned from my studies is that those iconic artists, musicians, and groundbreakers that we all love and learn from have people that have worked with them in the form of mentors. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado had Timbaland. Snoop Dog & Eminem had Dr. Dre. Lou Reed & Iggy Pop had David Bowie. John Coltrane & Herbie Hancock had Miles Davis. It was their teachers and coaches that allowed them to flourish and blaze new trails.  

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The Self-taught/Self-motivated approach is excellent and encouraged, and it will only get you so far. Music is a trade. It gets passed down from teacher to student, a skilled professional to an apprentice. Working with a seasoned professional is essential to succeeding in the industry. You need someone to guide you. The meat of it is in the relationship.    

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Now imagine your musicianship at the level of mastery that gives you the freedom to do what you want. I will lower your anxiety and offer you absolute confidence to deliver what’s needed. I’ll get you to meet the expectations of the industry or college, and I’ll get you at-bat and set you up for the world of being a professional musician. In the arts, having somebody willing to sit there with you and go deep into your innermost self is incredibly valuable. The value of having somebody unlock your capacity to express who you are entirely and share it with others. It's almost limitless. 

But don’t take my word for it. Check out what my students have to say about working with me in these Testimonials.

It brings me tremendous joy to facilitate my students' transformation and watch them become the masterful and influential individuals they were born to become.     

I give you the freedom to do what you love. Coaching is proven to produce results. You’ll save time and money. You’ll learn new techniques and discover new ways to approach making music and offering your gifts. I provide a safe environment for you to grow and thrive in. Nothing of value is easy, but I’ll be there to guide you through it and support you along the way.    

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If you’re ready to take it to the next level, realize your full potential, and experience freedom through mastery, then click the link below to set up a video chat with me.      

To deliver on my promise, I give my students my full attention and only take on a few students at any given time. So space is limited. I hope we have the chance to work together and I look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals.



Since losing my father to cancer at 14 I’ve been looking for guidance and support my whole adult life. As a lifelong musician, I’ve experienced firsthand the tremendous value of having professional, experienced musicians around me to encourage me, show me the ropes, help guide me along the way, and open doors for me that were previously closed. Having benefitted tremendously from this kind of support, I’ve chosen to offer this same kind of guidance and support to aspiring and professional musicians. 

In The News

The Power of Music & Mentorship

Lyons Living Magazine

"Never before has the importance of music as a central unifying and common force been on display as it has now. And it is conspicuous in its absence.  

Dechen Hawk, a Lyons local, has been exploring ways to share his gift with the world, while offering guidance, mentorship, and musical training to those closer to home.  

In this episode of our Lyons Living podcast, we are introduced to Dechen, discover his roots, learn how he ended up in Lyons, and get to celebrate how he’s doing his part to help our community not only survive, but thrive!"

- Sean McLaughlin, Lyons Living Magazine

check out the full podcast below


A Special bonus for all my students

I have a partnership with IntroVertigo Recording (Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado). All my students get a discounted rate in the studio when booking through me. You will have access to Jay Elliot, a top-level engineer, and world-class drummer. You will also have access to me as a producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist.  

Here's a track I wrote, recorded, and co-produced with Jay Elliot in his studio.

lesson & coaching packages


In my experience transformation takes time, as does the development of our relationship. A relationship that inevitably leads to you seeing very real and meaningful results. Therefore, I suggest you plan on committing to at least three months of working together. After you pick your package you will be directed to my calendar where you can pick a meeting time that works with your schedule.

The Dabbler 

(Economy): $200 a month | 2hrs

This package is great for someone who dabbles in music and is looking for some occasional guidance and direction. Someone who doesn't have a lot of time to work on music or is on a budget.

The Doer

(Standard): $400 a month | 4hrs

This package is great for the active musician looking for regular support, guidance, and direction. We're able to go a little deeper by meeting weekly or for longer sessions.

The Exceeder

(Premium): $800 a month | 8hrs

This package is for the musician looking to dive deep and make a lot of progress in a shorter amount of time. Meeting for longer session times allows us to really drop in and get to the meat of what we're working on.

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