1. Shrubbery

From the recording A Murder Of Prose

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Hot knife on the cutting room floor
Cut right through just like before
Raise the curtain darlin’ gi’me more
It’s ‘bout time we settle the score

You’re crazy; that’s the plain and simple truth
Your tactics and your tricks are just uncouth
You’ve taken it as far as it need go
But as it seems you just don’t know
When it’s time to let it go
I say God have mercy on your soul
You act just like a child
I sit and watch, but cannot change the dial

I look around and all I see
Is your mind numbing strategy
Your fear, doubt, insecurity
ain’t no match for true artistry

We’re coming and there’s nothing you can do
I’ve seen the future Mr. red, white, and blue
It’ll get much darker before the night is through
But as it dawns we’ll push on through
Then I suggest you run for shelter
You won’t like the hand that life has dealt ya
You’ll get back what you put out
Fear, doubt, don’t look now the sun is on the rise

Give it up your time has come
You’re no longer number one
I suggest you take it as it comes
Or to hell with it jus go n’ run