1. I Try

From the recording Djedi

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I Try

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Let me tell you ‘bout the latest thing. I want it for my own. I never thought I needed some. Come back I’ll give you more. It’s something that you’ll never find, the feelin’ in my heart. You think I got my love for sale. Come on I stole the sacred heart. I know you think it ain’t for real. A ceremony I can feel. Oh no no I’m dancin’ in you’re face. Oh I love the feel when I give it all away.

I try x3

I try in the morning when I’m wakin’ up. I’m singin’ in the shower as I give it up. I’m feelin’, don’t need to see. No body else would come to me. It knows that when it calls to me, callin’ out my name. It knows that it will never see. That’s why I always say...

I Try x3

Gigin’ on the love it seems. Sorry broke my heart. Said you were not leavin soon. You left me on my own. Gotta’ live for somethin’ real, live for somethin’ real. Sorry baby through the scene. I feel it in my love. I feel it in my lover. I feel it in my love. I feel it in my love. I feel it in my lover. It’s a part a me, a part a you too. Don’t know I got my love for sale. You know you do it too.

I try best as I can. ‘cause that’s how I sleep at night. You know it’s so serene oooh
I try x3