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My Sweetest Friend

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Can’t sleep at night; want to catch a flight
Overnight to greet the morning in your arms

Don’t wanna fight it ‘cause I’ve seen the light
You and I ignite in flames of passion
Yet lives keep passing us by

Talk frequently yet it’s hard to see
How you and me can sustain this long-distance love game

We feel the same, but it has no name
No answer to explain how to live with this
Death inside of me

I need you in my arms to keep me going strong
I’ve waited all along to find a love like you
Who treats me true

How can I go on singing my song
When you have gone away to distant shores

You’re a part of me; lips locked so tenderly
As eyes lock closed and hold on to the past
Why does it last?

Hear me screamin’ out; the crow flies an eastern rout
Carrying my shouts and pleas; oh baby please

Come home to me; I’m down on my knees
Beggin’ baby please come home to me
But alas I know the truth; hanging on nail and tooth
The issue surpasses youth; it’s the way the cards are dealt

Romantic though it seems to answer to my screams
Would I really want to change the way things are?

Based on choices made; that’s how the chips were laid
Now it’s time we paid the price due for me and you

Guess I’ll have to wait to really get a taste
No one can replace the love I know with you to be true

Yet each passing day I hear myself say with dismay
Will I make it through to see you again my sweetest friend

At least I got my muse and my talent used
To make the music that I sing
Which will bring me peace at last

Never forgetting you I’ll do what I have to do
Just to make it through ‘till the time we meet again

My sweetest friend