1. Me & You

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Me & You

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First I was your lover then I was your friend
Now there is no other out there who can contend
You can talk to your profits your teach can knowledge drop it in their mouths I’ll ou a sock if they ever try to cop it
‘cause you know that I love you an’ I always will
You call me hoochie pappa because it gives you thrills
You can hoop all you wanna shoopie doop you sexy mama
But I know that you still wanna get in bed with me on ya

Some kind a love this is x3

So you dumped me but I’m thinkin’ I still know you very well from your head to your toes I’ve reached the depths of you well An’ I stole a little honey to keep things tasting sweet
I’ll give it back if you ask in the form of a treat
Some days I don’t see you so I just pretend
Other days I get the booty call at two am
Spring breeds imagination hip movement and vibration
You learned to give your self one, but I give you numerous sensations

Some kind a love this is x3

Tell me do you want it in the front or in the back
Sometimes take it relaxed sometimes hard an’ fast
I don’t mean to be so forward okay maybe I do
‘cause either you ain’t listenin’or you know just how we do
It’s that springtime honey lovin’ when you got that sundress on The sun knows what to do silhouetted shining though
An’ all that I can think about’s the lovers that I’ll have
The lovers that I got an’ the lovers in my past

Some kind a love this is x3