Join us at the beautiful and historic Dharma Barn in Hygiene, CO for a Special Songwriter Show featuring Dechen Hawk, Kara Hesse, and Dan Hochman.

It’s hard to encapsulate the magic of Dharma Farm — so many gatherings, concerts, visions, and projects have been nurtured there. The Barn is home to a music space upstairs, and a gallery below. Both have been a labor of love, and years of work have gone into their current incarnation. Countless friends have put in work to help make this place the beautiful community hub it is today.

About the Artists

Kara Hesse

“It’s as if Bonnie Raitt, Sia, & Janis Joplin had a baby. — Pulse Music Television, San Francisco

Native to the Wichita plains and raised in Boulder, CO, Kara’s midwestern roots seep through her sultry voice and songwriting with an eclectic blend of americana soul and rock ‘n roll. Her music is like a warm breeze from Muscle Shoals in a contemporary framework that scratches a musical itch you didn’t realize you had. Her music has been placed on television shows, including CBS Scorpion and DirecTV You Me Her. She has self-released two albums, Better By Morning (2014) and Sojourner (2018) and is currently working on her third full length album in Nashville, Tennessee, where she now resides.

Dan Hochman

Dan Hochman is a Boulder-based singer songwriter who combines elements of soul, blues, and rock into his unique and hauntingly beautiful sound. Growing up just south of New York City, Dan was raised on a melting pot of music. His childhood home was filled with diverse sounds that ranged from Joni Mitchell to Otis Redding. Naturally, a deep affinity for music developed and led Dan to pick up his dad’s nylon string guitar for the first time at the age of twelve. As an adult Dan deepened in his craft as a songwriter and guitarist playing all across the east coast. He then moved to Boulder Colorado in 2018 where with help from Denver-based musicians, recorded his first EP “Hearts Alive.” Dan went on to record his second passion project and EP “Midday Muse” in July of 2021 and released it in October of 2021. He is currently in the process of recording his third project “Shadow Blues.”

General Admission $20.00